Guidelines for creating a video clip

The application video should help us to get a feeling who you are, how you developed the idea around your business, what it is you are doing and what your vision is about the future of the project. Please tell us anything you want about the founders and/or interesting aspects about your endeavor.
The video should be two minutes long and should be uploaded to YouTube. Please make sure that we can see/hear it, so don’t mark it as private. You can mark it as unlisted, if you don’t want other people to find it.
It should NOT be a video recording of a ‘pitch’, but just the founders talking, in a conversational tone, about themselves and the venture. Also, please don’t recite a script that has been written down and ‘perfected’ before. The conversation/story should be as spontaneous and authentic as possible.
Please don’t include any charts or graphs, just the founders talking. Don’t try to make a ‘production’ out of it: no music, no ‘sophisticated’ editing. This is not about video making. The video ‘cinematography’ is not important. A video recorded by cell phone should be fine.
What is important, though, is that the sound is clear, so that we can understand what you are saying. Please check the sound quality before submitting the video and check that you can hear what you are saying.
Here some good examples of successful application videos. We will have some good examples for Accelerator application videos soon.