BioPro Baden-Württemberg GmbH and Technology Center Sofia Ltd have agreed to cooperate

BioPro BW is lead partner in the Interreg DTP "DanuBioValNet" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ralf Kindervater. The Technology Center Sofia - represented by Managing Director Jürgen Eisele, works as a partner in the Interreg DTP “Accelerator”.

The Accelerator pilot project is being carried out in the North-Western region of Bulgaria. The aim is to show that even in rural areas the there is interest in setting up a business. Due to the long distance to Sofia, the local founders receive hardly any suitable support.

Within the framework of the Accelerator, "tools" are developed for business start-ups, which are particularly suitable for those who want to start a business in rural areas.

One focus of the "DanuBioValNet" project is the creation of a network for producers who want to offer their plant products to the phytopharmaceutical industry. In addition, access to developments in the high-tech sector is to be made possible.

In the second Call ACCLERATOR (September to December 2018) of the pilot project, the Technology Center Sofia will increasingly advertise to people who want to start up a business in this field. Prof. Kindervater has promised that the DanuBioValNet network could provide mentors with extensive experience in this field. Jürgen Eisele underlines that especially for farmers and growers of special cultures should be given access to the R & D infrastructure.

Both projects are related to work out a strategy for the development of bioeconomics in the Danube Region.

Start of Pilot Project "ACCELERATOR Northwestern Bulgaria"

   На 28.02.2018 в 10.30ч в Търговско–Промишлена Палата Враца се състоя откриването на пилотният проект „ACCELERATOR Северозападна България“. Проектът, изпълняван от Технологичен Център София съвместно с фирма Виртех ООД, е част от програмата Danube Transnational, финансирана с пари от ЕС. Целта на програмата е да проучи и да се опита да подобри условията за новооткрити стартиращи фирми в 11 страни-участнички от поречието на река Дунав.

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